Joel R. Kivett

The truth is I've been at this since I was a kid, & even now more than a decade into my professional career I am still passionate & driven to unlock the full potential of design.

I'm more convinced than ever that design is a way of life and one that I am grateful to have found.  I don't find this experience to be particularly easy or glamorous but I know I live for the challenge and I'm emboldened by the results my work has meant for my clients... My efforts can mean a lot to someone's bottom line or the growth of their business, but personally I value the experience of getting to know the various industries, people and products that can inspire us. I think it's only through that process of deep understanding that I am able to do my best work and continue to grow as a designer. 

I would love to have that same opportunity to understand your passions & goals so that I might harness my experience in concept driven design to help us both find what we are looking for.