Senior Director Innovation & Strategy, Monigle

I've worked with Joel in two capacities: collaborators on strategy and design projects, and, contracting and managing him as part of my innovation consultancy. I've spent 15 years working closely with designers and creative directors and I can say without any doubt that Joel is the first person I'd want on my team for the highest profile projects. He lives design and creative expression day to day, which informs unique perspectives, frameworks and reference points from which he develops his work. While many designers have a "style" that they inevitably default to or see themselves as precious, Joel behaviors in neither way. He is talented enough to stretch his styles and find the right expressions for his clients vs. the comfortable zones of his own perspective. Moreover, he's one of the most humble designers I know. As he's proven owning his own consultancy, ensuring his clients are thrilled - and come back for more - is his obsession. And, he delivers on this successfully. I've had no reservations referring him to agencies, clients, friends to provide them with design services and he's never tarnished that reputation. 

I continually partner with him for two key reasons: culturally, his positive, hard-working and innovative spirit is a company asset, and, his ability to go far beyond the obvious pushes the work into a place of true value. 

I fully recommend Joel for design positions that require more than the status quo and expect a high level of professionalism. He's not a designer you'd want or need to hide behind an account person - he's a designer you want front and center both internally and externally.


Partner, Wide Web Marketing

As a partner at Wide Web Marketing, I've worked with Joel as both a client and a vendor. Joel's passion for the creative process and standards for quality work match or exceed anyone I've worked with in my 20 year career in marketing and design.


CEO, Urban-Rebel

I've known and worked with Joel on a variety of projects both large & small in the past ten years. Joel is very creative in his thinking yet capable of working to a budget and timeline. His designs have garnered my companies a huge amount of praise from our customers and competitors. Whether it's a website, simple graphic or complete corporate portfolio, Joel has been our go-to guy. I have the highest respect for Joel's creative designs and more importantly his integrity, thoroughly recommended without reservation.